the clean beauty revolution. article from fashion week online

The Clean Beauty Revolution

the clean beauty revolution. article from fashion week online

Last month I bought a luxury brand’s new mascara that I’d been dying to try. Two days into the mascara I started to notice my eyes getting red to the point where the situation was pretty ugly and painful.


As I was returning the mascara I asked the sales girl how something like this could happen. She simply said, “You are not the first person this has happened to and you won’t be the last. Look at the ingredients; you’re probably allergic to something in it.” So as I began to look at what went into this product I was putting on my eyes, the only ingredient I could say or recognize was “petroleum.” This led me to wonder, how many toxic ingredients are allowed to be put into beauty products I use every single day?




This shock lead me to throw away literally every single product I owned, from eye cream, foundation, to mascara. Then I started to do some research that led me to understand how big of a revolution the beauty industry is starting to push for: the Clean Beauty Revolution.




In a world where everything we do and purchase is so highly regulated, why is it that the last regulation for the beauty industry was passed in 1938? Beauty companies are virtually allowed to use any toxin they want with little to no government oversight. They have the ability to use chemicals that are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, contain lead, and can even lump hundreds of potentially toxic ingredients under the title “fragrance.”


As people start to realize what toxins are lurking around their medicine cabinet, people are demanding clean, non-toxic and transparency in their beauty products. Whether this may be deodorant, eye cream, lipstick, or nail polish, the transition from my cult-favorite beauty products to clean beauty products was different than I would have ever imagined.


I spent the last month trying every single clean beauty product known to man, so I am going to lay out my ultimate favorites for you, so you won’t have to try more than 500 products. The end result? My skin looks and feels healthier, and is more clear and glowing than ever before. My medicine cabinet is full of aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-worthy products with ingredients I can pronounce and actually know are benefiting my skin.




11-13. Vapour Beauty: This moisture lipstick is perfect for winter days because it smoothes dry lips while achieving bold, fun colors. ($25)


17. Vapour Beauty, Halo Illuminator: Everyone needs a good highlighter, and this one is perfect for when you are out and need a little extra shine. ($36)

18. Ilia, Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer: For days that I am wanting lighter coverage, this is perfect for the oh so trendy no-makeup look. ($42)

19. Ilia, Sway Illuminator: Doubling as a contour stick and eye tint this little product stays in my desk at all times, so when a pop-up meeting shows up on my planner I can quickly grab it and elevate my look. ($34)


21. Indie Lee, Blemish Lotion: We all need a little overnight cure for sudden acne and blemishes, this is mine! ($26)


25. Ilia, VOILÀ Lipstick: An amazing, long lasting orangey coral colored lipstick that is creamy and has a beautiful satin finish. ($26)

27. Henne Organics, Luxury Lip Tint: A moisture rich lip balm with a soft and sumptuous color. ($21)

28. Kosas, Weightless Lip Color: Sleek packaging is always what gets me hooked, but this formula really delivers. It is ultra creamy and you can layer this over another lip color for tons of dimension. ($28)

29. Henne Organics, Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator: Like rubbing literal rose diamonds on your lips, this is a must have for kissable lips. I use it every morning before I use lipstick for a perfectly primed lip. ($24)


31. Vapour, Siren Lipstick: This moisture rich lipstick is perfect for winter days because it softens dry lips while delivering strong, bold color. ($25)


34. Mun, Aknari Brightening Youth Serum: Prickly Pear and organ oil work together to reduce sun damage, lighten under eye circles and smooth wrinkles. ($95)

35. Maya Chia, Eye Achiever: More like overachiever, natural marine and plant actives give the eyes a smooth, wrinkle free and radiant glow. Plus 10% of the profits go to the Maya people in Central America. ($70)


40. Plume, Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum: The best thing to happen to my lashes since.. well.. ever. ($95)


43. Indie Lee, Brightening Cleanser: This cleanser doubles as a face mack, and literally smells like a wonderful field of strawberries. ($32)


Whether prepping for a party, a day at work, or New York Fashion Week, next time you crave new beauty products do yourself a favor, and pick up one of these sensational products.


Once you switch, you’ll be hooked.


With love,