the top 8 green beauty predictions for 2018. article from sagekat

The Top 8 Green-Beauty Predictions for 2018

the top 8 green beauty predictions for 2018. article from sagekat. featuring one love organics body serum and MUN ayour body toning serum

Something happens when you spend your days reading and writing skincare articles, talking with green-beauty retailers, and hanging out on Pinterest: you start spotting trends. While we expect some of 2017’s trends to carry on into the new year — like face masks, self care, and facial oils — we’re really excited about the newcomers picking up steam.


These are eight of the clean, green and cruelty-free beauty trends that will be elbowing their way into your social media feed in 2018.



2018 will be the year we stop neglecting the majority of our skin! If you’re under the age of 30, you may not be aware that wrinkles extend beyond crows feet. Your hands, elbows and décolletage will soon tell you otherwise. We’re quick to switch up our skincare ritual with thick face creams in the winter, but show the rest of that body some love with heavy duty moisture, antioxidant-rich ingredients like rosehip oil and exfoliators like alpha hydroxy acids.


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