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    You need to know... Paola LaMorticella, the founder of Olio E Osso!

    Paola LaMorticella


    Can you please share with the AILLEA audience a little background about yourself, both personally and professionally?


    Nature and art have informed my life from the beginning. I was raised in a one room cabin with no running water on 25 acres of land by my amazing artist parents and with my older Dante. We had no television but a giant art studio, huge garden, a forest, a meadow, 2 creeks and always a lively kitchen. Whatever we didn’t have we would make. 
    My parents were 2 of the founders of an important political theater company in the 60’s in SF called the San Francisco Mime Troupe. I learned very early on the power and beauty of a strong community.
    I started assisting a great theater costumer when I was 18. I soon moved into commercials and films. I went to beauty school in my early 20’s to broaden my knowledge and options. I realized how much I loved  makeup and hair as well as costuming and styling. It was a great early lesson in the connective nature of my interests and more importantly taught me that we shouldn’t put unnecessary limits on what we can achieve. 
     I started traveling all over the world for shoots. Along the way I developed a bit of a niche. I became the MUA and stylist for many of the world's top athletes. I’m not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m a huge lover of people and I can talk politics and food with anyone! When I came up against a need that I couldn’t fill with something bought I would make it.  I’m still styling and loving it over thirty years later. 


    What inspired you to create the Olio e Osso brand?

    My son Romeo was in need of something that would sooth his sensitive skin that was not steroidal. At that time I couldn’t find anything that was simple and nourishing that had staying power and was easy to throw in my bag. I started formulating, ( I didn’t call it formulating at that point, I called it making what my baby needed!), with ingredients that I knew and trusted. After months I found the right combination and process. I had extra and started using it on my clients. They dug it and encouraged me to make more with tint. So I did and Olio E Osso was born.



    Why was creating a conscious beauty line important to you? 

    I didn’t set out to create a conscious beauty brand. I just wanted to make something nourishing, simple, good and responsible to our greater community.  It’s just the right thing to do.



    What does the name ‘Olio e Osso’ mean?

    Olio E Osso = Oil and Bone.



    Which Tinted Balm shade is your personal favorite? 

    Ohhhh Jeeeezzzeee…. I can’t choose just one! I love them all in different situations.



    Can you share any pro tips for how to use the Tinted Balms?

    I love to layer colors to create deeper, richer color variations. Number 8 Persimmon with number 9 Spring. Or number 4 Berry with number 5 Current are two of my favorite combos.
    Also using a brush to apply the tints to your cheeks and collar bones is a nice way to lay the color in more deeply.



    What are some of the hero ingredients featured in the Olio e Osso collection?

    Olive Oil is in every product we make!! It's beautiful. Rich in healthful fatty acids, omegas, squalene and an amazing natural humectant. I am Italian American and have used Olive Oil my whole life as the go to for everything. As I got older and did research I realized that it truly is just as amazing as my Nonna said it was.❤️  



    Are there any new products that you will be launching soon? Can you share any details? 

    YES!!!!! We have some super awesome things in R&D right now that will be released in early 2023. I can’t wait to share them with you!



    What are your favorite non-Olio e Osso products or brands at AILLEA?

    I love H Hazel eye gel packs. I always travel with them. They are awesome when I need to refresh my tired eyes on early days! 

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