You Need To Know ... The Founder of Agent Nateur

You Need To Know ... The Founder of Agent Nateur

What was your inspiration when initially launching the Agent
Nateur brand?
I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and I had enough estrogen for an entire block of women. After years of struggling with pain management, I set out on a path of holistic healing. I was searching for a safe, effective and luxurious natural deodorant but couldn't find any, so I began cooking my own in 2014. Aluminum is an endocrine disruptor and can mimic estrogen.

Why was creating a clean / conscious beauty line important to
The common denominator for every product is a relentless commitment to quality and efficacy. I formulate in the south of France and Los Angeles, focusing on ingredients that are healing, nourishing, as well as free from GMO's, soy, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum. Our products do not disturb hormones and are safe when pregnant and breastfeeding. This standard is what our customer deeply trusts in and is incredibly important for me to uphold!

What is the meaning behind the brand name 'Agent Nateur'?
In my healing journey, friends began coming to be for help with supplements and natural remedies. I joked that I was the "agent of nature", which became, Agent Nateur.

What is your personal favorite Agent Nateur product?
It is so hard to choose just one! Holi (water), our high-molecular weight, pearl, and rose hyaluronic essence. It is such a light but deeply hydrating essence, and applying it is a lovely daily ritual, it smells incredible. Mixed with holi (c), our dry vitamin c and calcium powder, it instantly brightens your complexion while working hard on discoloration, texture, and firmness long-term. Lately, I am especially obsessed with our newest serum, holi (lift). It has a high concentration of lactic acid, which brightens and exfoliates in a gentle but transformative way.
What are some of the hero ingredients featured in the Agent Nateur collection?
Cucumber water is one favorite. It is bursting with flavonoids and antioxidants that promote youthful-looking skin, and  is known to alleviate swelling, soothe redness, hydrate skin. It also smells so incredible. Pearl powder is another favorite: it is rich in magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants that nurture the skin and stimulate cell regeneration. Topically, studies have shown that it boosts cell to cell adhesion and the production of collagen cells, which speeds wound healing, reduces sun damage, and increases skin’s firmness. When ingested, pearl powder’s high magnesium content elevates GABA levels to reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative stress, two conditions commonly associated with premature aging. One last favorite in many Agent products is sodium ascorbyl phosphate. It is the best derivative of vitamin C for cosmetics due to its natural SPF of 8, its stability, and its bioavailability. This miraculous anti-aging dry powder protects against environmental stressors that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.
Are there any new products that you will be launching soon? Can you share any details?
We just launched a long awaited product, a non-nano zinc mineral SPF, that I have been working on for over six years! It had to be perfect, and I am so excited to share it with the world. It is truly game changing, and a dream to wear.

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