taking care of your skin after the holidays by modaprints

Taking Care of Your Skin After the Holidays

taking care of your skin after the holidays by modaprints

Happy Christmas Eve darlings, I wasn’t going to post but I had to share a few of my secrets to making that skin get back to normal after the Holidays! I have recently found out about Aillea Boutique  through a friend and been hooked ever since. It’s located in Cherry Creek  and also in Downtown, Denver. I just find it closer to Cherry Creek for me! It’s so important to find products that are good for your skin and that don’t have a ton of crap in them. I always read all of the ingredients and just make sure its organic. 


My first favorite product isn’t really face related but it’s still so important because we all wear deodorant on a daily basis {well I hope so} and what we put on our skin can make a big difference. I switched over to organic deodorant and my skin doesn’t burn after I shave and its super light, organic and smells heavenly!


Second product is my first favorite and I cannot tell you enough on how much I love this sheet mask! It’s infused with greek yogurt and I do this mask once a week to keep my skin soft, fresh and feeling like a babys butt! I leave it on for about 30min and it just soaks on my face and once I wash my face after this mask its literally like I got a facial. It’s so great to take care of our face to keep it looking young and fresh!


Last product is the eye gels, I cannot swear by this product enough! If you struggle with not getting enough sleep, especially around the Holidays, this baby does wonders to take care of the dark circles under your eyes! The secret is to keep them on over nigh and once you wake up you feel like the dark circles under your eyes just melted away overnight! MAGIC!!! Every women needs these! I love all of these products, you can purchase them by clicking on the link above or if you live in Denver, CO be sure to stop by Cherry Creek and pick them up and maybe even find a few more amazing things! Merry Christmas darlings and have the best time with your family! Once Monday rolls around be sure to freshen up those pretty faces of yours!


XOXO, Alena Gidenko