denver style magazine spring beauty faves

Spring Beauty Faves

denver style magazine spring beauty faves

The main reason is that I'm a goo hoarder. I don't think I've ever actually finished a tube of lipstick or palette of eyeshadow before moving on to a new and different kind. Here's an example of how this works: Me, contemplating purchasing a new eyeshadow when I have one at home that is pretty much the exact same color - "Well, it has sort of rose gold sparkles and the other one has like, gold-gold sparkles, and I just think maybe rose gold might compliment my skin tone better plus rose is a better color for spring and also it's just so pretty." Cha-Ching, $20 later, it's all mine.


Constantly trying new things, while also not great for my wallet, becomes a problem because I don't really throw away the other products because they're "slightly different" and not all the way empty...which means I have multiple backup makeup bags filled with tubes and compacts and palettes and things that I might never touch again.


The other reason is that I'm trying to go a little greener and ditch some of the not-so-good-for-you products in my makeup bag. The goal is to replace them with good-for-me products I actually love so much that I use every last drop. This whole thing came about because I attended an event at VERT Beauty with Eco Makeup Artist, Kristen Arnett. I got a mini makeover then listened to Kristen talk about green beauty and decided it was time to make some changes.


I've still got a ways to go, since I still have some products which aren't green that I'm still a little addicted to, but I'm off to a pretty good start. After purging my stash, I decided I'd earned getting myself some new products to replace things I tossed or had actually ran out of. I made stops at AILLEA BeautyVERT Beauty, and of course, Sephora. Here's a roundup of my spring beauty favorites. Some are products I've been into for a while now and others are new to the party.


2. The Blue Cocoon - MAY LINDSTROM

This balm boosts hydration and calms irritation and smells SO GOOD. It's seriously a moisturizer and relaxing aromatherapy all-in-one. This stuff does not disappoint, especially if your main skin struggle is dryness and your skin is easily irritated.


3. Squalane Facial Oil - INDIE LEE

If you've got combination or dry skin, this is especially for you. It works for all skin types, but since mine tends to be either dry or combo, depending on the day, I can really only 100% recommend it for that.

It wears perfect under makeup because it absorbs super quickly. I snagged a sample from AILLEA, then went back the next day to get the full size because I liked it that much. Now I just refill the sample bottle with my big bottle for travel. Since a little goes a long way, it's the perfect size for a 1-2 week supply.


6. Un-Cover - RMS BEAUTY

Game Changer.

Un-cover has coconut oil among the list of other amazing ingredients. They say it "melts into the skin" which is no joke. What surprised me is how amazing the coverage is and how little you have to use. I got the un-cover concealer in shade 22 and the Lip2Cheek in Smile, which is a fun coral color perfect for spring and summer. 10/10 would recommend.