do sheet masks actually work? article from hooked on beauty

Do Sheet Masks Actually Work?

do sheet masks actually work? article from hooked on beauty

I’m a total mask-aholic, I’ll admit it. At the height of my addiction I was masking 4 times a week. Admittedly, this was way too often and my skin is probably better now that I don’t have that kind of time for my enzyme-extraction-mask routine (which I really miss.) I still like a good skin treatment though but only get to it about every week or so. Clay masks are life when my skin is in turmoil, but when I want my skin to look more rested and healthy, it doesn’t get any better than a sheet mask. 


I scored an Orgaid Sheet Mask a few months back at Aillea after they raved about the results people were getting from this treatment made using 70% organic ingredients including aloe, witch hazel, Vitamin B3, vegetable glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and other skin-soothing hydrators and extracts. They’re also made (in the USA!) using a special material for the mask that encourages maximum absorption. Right away I could feel how hydrating it was by the way it clung to my skin, hanging on so well that I could walk around without it sliding off. It started out feeling thick, cool, and with that familiar slip of aloe. I finished up dishes and drank wine through a straw for 30 minutes while the thing transferred all of its moisture into my skin. When I removed it, it was practically dry and felt warm while my skin felt hydrated, plump, and cool to the touch. It was so nice to just peel it off and go to bed versus all of the scrubbing needed to remove a clay mask. I didn’t have to apply any skincare since I still felt hydrated and I woke up needing less foundation.


Though I only used it once, it definitely had that wow factor. It’s so easy to apply and remove and it feels like it’s fueling my skin with moisture. They also have Vitamin C and Greek Yogurt versions to brighten and nourish as well as a multi pack if you want to try all 3 for around $5 a pop. This is a perfect treatment pre-special occasion (photos, weddings, big nights out), or for an easy way to restore tired, thirsty skin without a trip to the spa.