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    Hydration vs Moisture

    hydration vs moisture. what's the difference and which one do you need?
    hydration: water. optimally delivers water soluble nutrients to skin. the absorption of water in to your skin (ie giving your skin a drink of water). signs of dehydrated skin (skin where skin is losing more water than it is taking in): crepey and/or dark circles under eyes, dullnes, increased appearance of fine lines
    moisture: oil. optimally delivers oil soluble nutrients. protective barrier that prevents moisture from leaving your skin. signs of dry skin (skin type that lacks sufficient oil production): scaly skin, redness, irritation.
    hydration: the jasmine garden face mist from may lindstrom. 5 star rating. customer review: "I am on my second bottle of jasmine garden and I love it. I have very dry, sensitive, and prone to redness skin. I also get the occasional breakout. This product has not caused any breakouts, is soothing, smells great, and alleviates my redness without triggering any kind of sensitivity."
    hydration: hydrating accelerator from josh rosebrook. 5 star rating. customer review: "An Absolute Must! This is one of my favorite mists! I can't be without it. It feels so hydrating on my dry/ sensitive skin and the scent is so calming."
    hydration: hydrating floral essence from tata harper. 5 star rating. customer review: "It really is worth it! When everyone said the essence would make the serum work better, I didn't really believe. But it's so true! Now that I've used it for several weeks, I can't go back!"
    moisture: active botanical serum from vintner's daughter. 5 star rating. customer review: "Love it! Has already improved my skin texture after only 4 days of use! Wonderful product."
    moisture: beauty elixir I - 1,000 roses from kypris. 5 star rating. customer review: "Love this product!I don’t really need anything else for moisture for my face & neck. It feels like heaven & lasts all day!"
    moisture: the youth dew from may lindstrom skin. 5 star rating. customer review: "Nourishing! This has been a great addition to my regimen. My skin feels very balanced, moisturized and youthful. Give it a try, you won't regret it!"
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