father's day gift guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

father's day gift guide
hoppin fresh deodorant. 5 star rating. customer review: "I’ve tried several natural deodorants, and a few caused rash/ sensitivity, but Ursa Major has been a game changer! It works, lasts all day, smells great. I’m a fan!"
davids peppermint charcoal toothpaste. 5 star rating. customer review: "This is like no other charcoal toothpaste I’ve ever tried. Even my husband (who didn’t think clean toothpaste works) loves it. Plus, the minty taste is an added bonus."
cream wax from rahua. 5 star rating. customer review: "My husband uses this daily & loves it!"
hydrating accelerator from josh rosebrook. 5 star rating. customer review: "The hydrating accelerator is the best. I feel like it just seals all of the moisture in my face when I spray it on before putting on moisturizer. And it’s great to have during the day when you need a quick pick me up for your skin."
luxury lip balm from indie lee. 5 star rating. customer review: "So yummy!It feels so great and refreshing! I put it in every night before bed and my lips wake up totally moisturized!"
advanced protection cream from osea. 5 star rating. customer review: "Amazing. Thick moisturizer for the winter or for dry skin, it’s not greasy and soaks right in. Light clean smell. Love it"

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