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    How to Make Your Eyes Pop!

    how to make your eyes pop!
    with daily mask wearing, it's been all about our eyes.  We asked celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein for tips on how to make your eyes pop!
    1. use tata harper eye cream. "Apply Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Cream to the under eye area and upper cheek as a soft highlight, giving it a couple of minutes to absorb in before doing your concealer "
    2. curl lashes using the battington lash curler. "Curling the lashes is a great way to open up the eyes and look more awake. Angle chin up and gaze down into the mirror. Place the curler at the base of your lashes and close the curler, holding for several seconds there. Then open up the curler and reposition it in the middle of your lashes and curl again"
    3. apply ilia limitless lash mascara. "Start with the wand horizontally at roots. Place chin up and gaze down into the mirror. Blink into the wand to deposit color at the roots to get a beautiful frame around your eyes without the spidery clumps and zig zag the wand from side to side as you rock up through the tips. "
    4. apply rms beauty eye polish. "Dab a fine layer of RMS eye polish on with your fingertips (Myth and Magnetic are beautiful, universal shades). "
    5. highlight using the rms beauty luminizer quad. "If you want to add a really pretty, childlike glow to the eyes’ inner corner, I am obsessed with mixing the 4 shades from the RMS Luminizer X quad for a customized glow that also looks beautiful under the brows, down the bridge of the and on the tops of cheekbones."
    6. conceal using the rms beauty un cover up. "Now that your eye cream has soaked in, go back to concealer and dab a color-correcting concealer under eyes only where you see shadows, then blend in with a clean fingertip. I love are RMS un-coverup (particularly the .5 shades for color correction)."
    7. use the ecobrow defining crayon. "this is a fun ‘90’s supermodel trick. First, brush brows down to give you a guide of how high up you can go while still keeping your arches realistic looking. Then sketch in EcoBrow crayonup to the highest point in your arch. Next, comb brows back up to blend with the spoolie end and last, sketch in any additional parts that need filling in like gaps."
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