ultimate life hack to get sh*t done expert round up featuring kathryn murray dickinson owner of aillea

Ultimate Life Hack To Get Sh*t Done

ultimate life hack to get sh*t done. expert round up. kathryn murray dickinson owner of aillea. article by evelyn iona. "make a list - I am an avid list maker. writing and keeping lists helps me stay focused and on task. if it's written down, I never forget to do it. and there is the added benefit of the immense sense of accomplishment when I get to cross something off on the list. I also take some time in the morning before I get out of bed to meditate on my day and what I would like to accomplish. that way I am getting out if bed with a purpose every morning! it also helps me stay motivated and excited about the big picture of my goals rather than just getting caught up in the minutia of tasks it takes to get there!"

Welcome back to another set of our Expert Round Up, a monthly series featuring a variety of industry experts. This month, we asked these incredible business founders to share with us their ultimate life hack to sh*t done. Including Kathryn Murray Dickinson (Aillea Founder), Laura Witaker and Johnston (Wildcraft Skin Care Founders), and Liz Boyle and Mark Miclette (Tweexy Founders).