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    The Top 8 Natural Beauty Stores From Coast to Coast

    the top 8 natural beauty stores from coast to coast. article from well and good. To help the clean beauty world, Kathryn opened a "safe haven" where women can come in and trust that what they're buying for their skin is totally safe and effective.

    Walking into a store like Sephora can be disorienting for natural mavens, even though the store actually does carry a lot of paraben-free  products. Still, it’s nice when you can shop without having to scrutinize every label so closely.


    There are a growing number of natural beauty stores across the country that take out all the guesswork and have added a heaping tablespoon of transparency and natural-beauty curation.


    These shops, from Boston to Beverly Hills, are run by beauty gurus who are passionate about ingredient purity, and pride themselves on scouting and stocking totally natural—and super effective—beauty products.


    Aillea Beauty

    Kathryn Dickinson has always been beauty-obsessed, and worked as an executive in the industry when she started learning about the ever-so-common act of greenwashing that brands do—AKA claiming to be non-toxic, yet still containing potentially harmful ingredients. To do her part to help the clean beauty world, she opened a “safe haven” where women can come in and trust that what they’re buying for their skin is totally safe and effective.


    With two locations in Denver, the natural beauty shop is spreading its doors to Atlanta (coming soon!). Whichever location you shop at, you’re sure to find fragrances, 8-free nail polishes, mineral-based sunscreen, and all other cosmetics and serums you’ll need for a proper clean beauty routine—from brands like Suntegrity, Rahua, Indie Lee, and Maya Chia.


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