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    Summer Hair, Body + Skin

    Summer hair, body and skin by the green product junkie. Aillea sent me rahua's new color full shampoo and conditioner. my hair is now so super soft and shiny


    RAHUA COLOR FULL LINE   Okay, so this past weekend I actually sent my hairdresser a note asking her what I should do with my hair because it was just so frizzy and dry, even though I was using lots of hydrating masks and sprays.  Between coloring it, humidity and lots of travel without my shower filter, it became really dry.  Then Aillea sent me Rahua’s new Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner, which I was dying to try since I first heard about it.  I’ll be very honest with you, my hair is now so super soft and shiny that I did not need to use any additional treatment or leave-in conditioner.   The best news is that this line won’t weigh down your hair or leave it feeling too oily (as many hair products designed for color-treated hair usually do).  If you color-treat your hair, I’m highly recommending this!     Shop here.



    CV SKINLABS I’ve been a fan of CV Skinlabs since I first started using them a few years ago.   Perfect for those with sensitive skin, I’m a huge fan of their Body Repair Lotion, which is basically thee most hydrating and lush body lotion you’ll ever use.  Body Repair absorbs so quickly, feels so rich going on the skin and leaves the skin with a truly dewy glow.  Nothing leaves my skin feeling as moisturized as this lotion does and it’s also ideal for inflamed skins, sun-exposed skin, eczema and post waxing.  Speaking of waxings, I also use their Rescue + Relief spray after every treatment as it helps to moisturize and calm down irritated skin.   I really do swear by it. 


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