shop small. article by NU

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shop small. article by NU

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now, I am sure a ton of you have been bombarded with thousands of Black Friday e-mails and you have had enough, believe me. I get it! I promise you though, "Small Business Saturday" is where it is at! I, like many small business owners, put our hearts and souls on the line for our business. It's based on love and pure passion. So today I encourage you to support small businesses in your area!


Colorado has been my home for a solid year now and I love it! I have met so many amazing female business owners and it has been a pleasure getting to know them and to be able to share ideas. But one female BOSS that always stood out from the beginning was Kathryn Murray Dickinson, the owner of AILLEA. We were introduced by our mutual friend Indie Lee, who is also the creator of Indie Lee, an eco-chic collection of skincare. If you do not know Indie's story ... please watch HERE! Both these women are pioneers of the green beauty space and are really empowering women to make healthy choices about the products they put on their bodies! They are changing the cosmetic industry, but most importantly, they are saving the next generation! Everyone thinks it's "cool" to eat healthy, so why are we putting so many toxins on our largest and fastest growing organ ... our SKIN?? Makes no sense, right? Our skin is our body's coat. It protects us. So let's start changing the conversation and start caring about what goes on our skin too!


If you want to support this movement, shop with intention this Saturday! I curated all the images above with many of my favorite brands at AILLEA. If you are looking for an amazing holiday gift, or want to start 2017 with a clean slate, I have it all curated for you! This weekend click the link HERE and you will receive 20% off any purchase and make sure to use my discount code NUFIT.


Happy Holidays XXX