rahua hair review by gurl gone green

Rahua Hair Review

rahua hair review by gurl gone green

Excited to share my Rahua Hair Review!  Summer is in full force and with it comes beachy/summer waves!  Sign me up!  Love me some summer waves. Rahua just came out with their Enchanted Island Salt Spray and I was so excited to try it out!  I also, tried their Control Cream Curl Styler and Voluminous Dry Shampoo.  My tresses have been well taken care of since I got these hair treats! I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys.


I snagged my Rahua loot from Aillea Beauty- you’re one stop shop for all things green beauty! If you’ve ever wondered where to shop for all your fave green beauty products- look no further!  AILLEA Beauty has it all.  From clean skincare, hair products, nails and even fragrance-AILLEA’s got you covered.  Plus, they carry all the top brands.  Get 15% off your first order too just by entering your e-mail.  Wondering how to wear certain looks?  Check out their Youtube channel and blog for all the latest.  AILLEA was actually started by a beauty junkie, Kathryn Murray Dickinson who was on the search for cleaner options.  A former New York beauty executive, her mission was to create a place where no one would have to question if the products they were using were clean or not.  But instead they could shop with confidence knowing they were getting the very best.


Rahua hair products have their roots deep in the Amazon rainforest.  You can find the Rahua oil in their formulations.  It’s known for it’s ability to help repair, give hair a shine and give the skin a glow. Their products are vegan, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and they support indigenous economies-pretty cool!


Enchanted Island Salt Spray-

This spray is all about those beach waves.  I always love trying hair products that give hair some texture, while at the same time giving some hold and this product does just that.  I curled my hair with a 1 inch curling iron and then combed the curls out and sprayed the spray all over, scrunching up as I sprayed.  It helped create more texture in my hair and made it more piecey looking.  Plus, it gives a great hold, without looking crispy.  The smell is so good too- takes you to the beach!  I even sprayed it in my hair without curling it and loved the texture it gave it.  A definite must have product for the summer but even year round!  It’s been on repeat in my hair routine.  Grab your Enchanted Island Salt Spray here! 


Control Cream Curl Styler-

I was so excited to try a curl cream!  I get a lot of questions about natural curl creams.  This is definitely a more moisturizing cream.  It offers a tiny bit of hold but nothing sticky.  I would apply it on curly wet hair to help make it more manageable and to cancel out the frizz.  When dry it’s great for defining curls and eliminating frizz too.  It feels like a lightweight lotion when you pump it out.  This product is perfect for helping control frizz, hydrate curly hair and giving an overall defined look to your curls.  Snag your Control Cream Curl Styler here!


Voluminous Dry Shampoo-

I have wanted to try this dry shampoo for a while now!  As a mom, dry shampoo is at the top of my list of must have products to have around at all times- all the moms said amen!  This dry shampoo is unlike any I’ve used.  The application is really where it’s at.  So you squeeze the bottle and the product squirts out.  It really helps lift your hair as it squirts out.  I love applying it like this too because it gives an even distribution.  Most dry shampoos are just sprinkled on your hair, often leaving clumps.  It not only gets rid of any greasiness but also adds volume- I’m a huge fan! Especially since my hair is fine and thin.  If you’ve been searching for a dry shampoo- this is it! Grab your Dry Shampoo here!


Have you guys tried any of the Rahua products?  Check out Aillea Beauty for all your green beauty heart’s desires!