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    Pretty Palettes You'll Actually Use

    pretty palettes you'll actually use. featuring rms signature palette in setin mod, rms luminizer x quad, and rms signature set in pop. article from bare beauty

    Happy Friday, Bare Beauties!  Do you have a makeup bag or drawer full of cosmetic palettes that you never really use?  Are they full of colors you might wear “someday”, or on a “special occasion”?  Well, I am here to tell you that the day you dress up as green and blue iridescent mermaid probably isn’t going to happen,  although that does sound like a very fun fantasy.  Sorry…  BUT, I have a great recommendation for palettes full of wearable colors that will simplify your morning routine as well as your evening touch-up, and make packing light so much more possible.


    RMS Beauty recently launched 3 amazing palettes that are designed to be worn by any skin tone, in any season.  Really.  All summer, I’ve been challenging myself (not a light packer by nature, as I’m sure you can imagine) to pack just the palettes and some other essentials when traveling, and I not only survived, it kind broke me out of a makeup rut, and I didn’t have a million cosmetics jangling around in my purse in the evenings.  I felt like a French woman, or an off-duty model, or someone else with confidence and know-how who didn’t need a bunch of “stuff”.  After all, I think we can all agree that minimalism is chic; lots of “stuff” is not.


     SO, on to the palettes. The first two are what RMS Beauty calls Signature Sets.  Pop contains buriti bronzer, magic luminizer, Demurelip2cheek, Beloved lip2cheek and simply vanilla lip & skin balm, and Mod (my personal favorite) contains master mixer, living luminizer, Smile lip2cheek, Spell lip2cheek and simply cocoa lip & skin balm.  I love that they each contain two different lip2cheek colors; you can alternate them on lips and cheeks, or even mix them together.  The same goes for the luminizers, which can be used as highlighters, or mixed with lip colors.  And, the lip & skin balms can be mixed with any of the other products to make them more sheer or balmy.  It’s truly a well-thought-out product.  All I need in addition to one of these compacts is my RMS “Un” Cover Up, (I wear 22) Tinted “Un” Powder (I wear 2-3), and my favorite mascara, and I am good to go.  There is no simpler beauty equation than this!


    Now, if you are one of those women who loves to play with makeup, and wants options for every look, and loves a good highlighter, this last palette is for you.  It is RMS Beauty’s Luminizer Quad, and it is a makeup artist’s (or makeup junkie’s) dream come true.  This palette contains four totally new luminizers: Luminizer X, (an extreme version of the original living luminizer) Champagne Fizz (a little more shimmer, without being at all glittery) Luminizer Nude (a coppery, warm glow that is super-versatile) and Champagne Rosé (a sheer, ethereal iridescent pink).  They are all absolutely gorgeous, and with the four of them, you would have any highlighting need, ever, covered.  It’s also worth noting that they can each be mixed with other cosmetics to make them more dewy, balmy, shimmery, less saturated, etc.  They are really hard-working, versatile, magical little formulas.


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