no makeup how to from kjaer weis at aillea. article from denver style magazine.

No Makeup How To From Kjaer Weis at Aillea

no makeup how to from kjaer weis at aillea. article from denver style magazine. Aillea hosts many classes about the lines they carry to educate consumers and promote clean beauty routines.

The no makeup- makeup look is a style of makeup that is fitting for the effortlessly chic woman. While some may think it is a "trend", it's actually here to stay. It creates that extra "oomph" without looking overdone which is perfect for the Colorado gal who loves to look fresh and dewy after a day of Colorado activities.


Aillea is an all natural beauty shop located in Cherry Creek mall. It has a beautiful, clean, ambiance throughout the store. Aillea hosts many classes about the lines that they carry in order to educate consumers about the products within their store and to promote clean beauty routines.


Kjaer Weis is a Luxury Organic Makeup line carried in Aillea. Kirsten Kjaer Weis is the founder of Kjaer Weis and has worked on magazine covers and fashion editorials. She is well established makeup artist located in NYC. She decided to create pure makeup when she realized that the models were getting acne and skin problems due to the harsh chemicals in the conventional makeup used. Kirsten went through a rigorous process to find the perfect formula to allow her make up to not only feel well but perform well.


Kirsten came to Aillea to give a makeup tutorial about her Kjaer Weis product line.


The makeup tutorial is broken into steps below:


Step 1: Wash Your Face

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to beauty. Aillea has many facial cleansers which do not rid the skin of its natural oils.


Step 2: Oil

Kjaer Weis has an all natural oil that can be used as a primer, on the face. This oil is perfect for daily use, even if you choose not to wear makeup. Warm the oil (5-6 drops) on the back of your hand and place a drop on your hand and then transfer it to the face lightly pressing it into the skin on the face, neck and décollété. This oil has many benefits which you can read about here.


Step: 3 Let Oil Set

You allow the oil to soak into the face for about 30 seconds. The oil itself, gives the skin a nice natural glow, moisturizes and smooths the skin.


Step 4: Foundation

Take the foundation and start to apply a little on the cheeks and work your way out, blending as you go through.  This can be done with clean fingers or with one of the foundation brushes that Kjaer Weis carries.

With all of the Kjaer Weis products a little goes a long way and everything can be gently placed on the skin.


Step 5: Contour

Contouring can be done by taking a foundation that is a little bit darker than your natural skin tone and applying it gently, in a line from almost your ears to your lips. A good way to see where to apply it is by sucking in your cheeks and making a kissing face! The line that is formed on each side of your face beneath the cheeks is where you would place the darker foundation. After placing the foundation, blend, blend, blend. Contouring is not for separating your face, but defining it.


Step 6: Brows

Kirsten has many different eyeshadows which she used to bring out the brows. She lightly went over the brows with the corresponding shade using one of her brushes.


Step 7: Cheeks

On the cheeks, start with a little blush on the brush and taking it to the cheek, blending it out until you get the blush to the effect that you want.


Step 8: Eyes

Apply the eyeshadow to the brush and starting on the lid, gently brush the eyeshadow from the inner lid to the outer. Once again this is a blending process and you may blend as much as possible to give a nice natural look. Kirsten demonstrated the smoky eye look. After doing the lid, she blended the eyeshadow with another color. The eyeshadow was blended so perfectly, the smoky eye looked as though it were effortless. Kjaer Weis has many eyeshadow colors that can be added to different skin tones, giving a gorgeous smoky effect and bringing out the eyes.

You can add mascara to enhance your natural lashes.


Step 9: Lips

Add some pigment to the lips via your finger or a brush. The Kjaer Weis lip tint adds the perfect touch of color and pop to your face.


Step 10: Smile

Always remember to smile!