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    Favorite 5: Winter Treatments

    favorite 5: winter treatments. article by among the colors

    Is it just me, or does it feel like this winter is lasting forever? Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t ski this winter because I am recovering from injury, or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t think my immune system has been 100% since the new year rang in… But I’ve definitely been focused on different ways to bring balance and self care into this deep part of winter. My favorite products right now include essential oils for sinuses and inflammation, a CBD muscle salve for my injured shoulder and back, and a hair repair treatment. See the full list below and click for where to purchase.


    Stay cozy and warm out their friends. Take care of yourself, spring is just around the corner.


    Favorite 5: Winter Treatments


    1. AER Natural deodorant- Palo Santo. You guys, I think I may have finally cracked the natural deodorant code! This is by far my favorite natural deodorant I have ever found in my relentless pursuit of natural deodorant over the past decade plus. It has a great application and goes on clear. I think I will try the lavender for summer but I am really loving the palo santo blood orange right now. Shop online at AILLEA.


    3. The Super Blend. This moisturizer has quickly become my new favorite. It’s my favorite anti-aging/antioxidant rich product that I use. Benefits include Vitamin C for brightening, Coenzyme Q10 for wrinkles and chia oil for hydration. It also contains astaxanthin . According to AILLEA’s website, Universities studies show that natural astaxanthin (from the microalgae plant), is 65X stronger than Vitamin C & 14X stronger than Vitamin E in combating free radicals Studies have also found astaxanthin enhances the antioxidant actions of vitamin C and E due to synergistic effects. Shop online at AILLEA.


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