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    Create a Toxin-Free Beauty Regimen with Aillea Beauty

    create a toxin free beauty regimen with Aillea beauty. article from livingly

    Here at the StyleBistro office, we're huge fans of green beauty. But, we know first hand that transitioning your makeup and skincare collections to organic and natural may not be as easy as you think. Believe it or not, products labeled "organic" and "all-natural" are not always regulated. Thus, it's tough to know what you're really buying.


    Kathryn Murray, a former executive in the beauty industry, also knows how difficult it is to clean up the products in your makeup bag. Fed up with the false advertising and greenwashing in the industry, she set out to create Aillea Beauty, a new e-tailer that sells only toxin-free makeup, skincare and cosmetics.  Every product on the site is free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors and other harmful chemicals—no exceptions.


    Instead of combing through lists of ingredients to verify the claims of organic products, ladies looking to go green with their beauty routine can feel confident by shopping this one-stop shop. Aillea offers a generous assortment of chemical-free products, hand-selected from a variety of global sources, so it's easier than ever to take control of what you're putting on your face. 


    From makeup to hair and fragrance, go green with your beauty regimen by shopping Aillea Beauty, here.


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