Best Places to Shop Green Beauty In Person

Posted on 02 July 2017

Ever since we started using green beauty in 2001, we were hooked. Here it is 2017, and the world of "good-for-you-and-the-environment" personal care and cosmetics has only gotten better. Back then, there was just Whole Foods and a handful of small mom and pop natural food shops that carried minimal skincare. Honestly, it all felt really granola and very burlap bag-ish. But we didn't budge because we were believers in the power of natural and organic plant-based ingredients.


While there's been an explosion of online green beauty retailers over the past five years, there's also been some really gorgeous brick and mortar boutiques that have popped up too. Here are some of the best and prettiest places to shop green beauty in person:


AILLEA Beauty in Denver, CO (2 locations)



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