"a dream wrapped in a wish" aillea beauty boutique ft osmia organics. article from denver style magazine

"A Dream Wrapped in a Wish"

"a dream wrapped in a wish" aillea beauty boutique ft osmia organics. article from denver style magazine

Denver is one of the up and coming cities when it comes to beauty, and Aillea Beauty Boutique is no exception. The beautiful Aillea shop is located in the heart of Larimer  Square in downtown Denver.  This eclectic beauty boutique specializes in pure, premiere, beauty products. As you enter Aillea , you're greeted with beautiful lighting, and a polished display of beauty products that would be a dream for any beauty lover.


Aillea hosted an event featuring one of the pure product lines they carry called Osmia Organics. Osmia Organics is an all natural product line that thrives to educate consumers on the importance of using pure products within their daily beauty routines.


Sarah, the founder of Osmia Organics, fell in love with creating products after taking a soap making class. Osmia then started as a hobby in one of her friends' spare room in their house, which turned into the Osmia line which is carried online and in beauty boutiques. Brittany is the director of sales and marketing at Osmia and described the use of their products as "a dream wrapped in a wish."


Sarah and Brittany held a sensational demonstration which consisted of scents of Osmia essential oils paired with the taste of different wines. This is such a unique combination that truly awakens your senses. When certain essential oils are paired with compatible wines, the flavors within the wine are magnified.


The first wine was the Mathhiasson Tendu White Whine from Napa Valley. The Tendu was very light and airy and you could smell the white grape flavor. We were to take whiffs from sample strips of the designated essential oil, and then taste the wine. The first essential oil that we tested was lemon. Lemon oil is a stronger oil so it is not recommended for use directly on the skin. Typically, it should be used in a diffuser. Lemon can be an anti-depressant when the aroma is diffused throughout a room. We took a sniff of the lemon and tasted the wine. When I tasted the wine, the wine had a lemon tint to the flavor.


There was a similar affect for each of the essential oils that we tried with their respectable wines. The wine that had the largest affect on me was the frankincense which added a sour taste to the Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie 2015 wine.


Let's just say, after this experiment, dinner parties will never be the same!


That night, I came home from Aillea, eager to try out Osmia's essential body oil. Our instructions were to rub the oil into our wet skin after a shower - no towel needed. I took my shower and massaged the oil into my wet skin. After a few minutes the oil was saturated into my skin and I had felt the "dream wrapped in a wish" experience that Brittany from Osmia had mentioned earlier!


For more information on pure beauty products, you can visit the Aillea shop in Larimer Square, Cherry Creek, or online.


For more information about Osmia please visit the Osmia Organics website.


Below, is a list of the wines used during the presentation, along with their compatible oils. Each of the oils contain a description of their use.


Oils paired with Mathhiasson Family Tendu White Whine 2015 from Napa Valley:

Lemon: Diffuse for an anti-depression

Bergamot: In Earl Grey Tea, used to scent as an anti-viral nighttime treatment, helps with anxiety

Atlas Cedar: Helps with urinary infection, can be used as an insect repellant

Rosemary "The Dew of the Sea": Enhances concentration and memory, used as a rejenerative oil for nails, skin hair and feet


Secateurs Rosé 2016- Cinsault/Shiraz from South Africa:

Rose Geranium: This oil comes from Geranium plants that are steam distilled. Used for nervous tension, anti-bacterial

Lavendar (means to wash): Relieves anger and an exhauster. Can be used in your cleansing ritual

Lavendar Maillette: Can be used for skin care

Roman Chamomile: used for upset stomach, in a facial cream, and as a nighttime body oil.


Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie 2015

Virginia Cedarwood: Used as a body oil on wet skin

Palma Rosa: Used on thinning hair with aloe juice for strength

Frankincense: Anti-aging; good for mature skin, used for meditation and prayer

Caution: When using essential oils, it is important to know what it is used for and whether it needs to be with a carrier oil, diluted, and if it is safe for the skin. Do your research before using essential oils