vapour organic beauty review. article by gurl gone green

Vapour Organic Beauty Review

vapour organic beauty review. article by gurl gone green

Spring is in the air and I couldn’t be more excited!  The thought of warmer days just gets me giddy inside.  With warmer weather comes fun fresh new makeup. The perfect products to get you looking spring ready in no time!   I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my latest makeup faves from Vapour Beauty.  I’ve wanted to do an exclusive post on Vapour Organic Beauty for a while.  I’ve been so impressed with all their products I’ve tried and wanted you guys to get a feel for their collection as a whole-because it’s so good!  I’ve reviewed a handful of Vapour Organic Beauty before, and have loved everything I’ve tried.  Not only are the ingredients clean, but the products work and last.  One thing that all Vapour products have in common is their dewiness they give to your overall look.  Making your skin glow!  This mama is all about that glow.


Have you ever wondered where to shop for all your fave green beauty products?  Well look no further!  AILLEA Beauty is your one stop shop for all things green beauty.  From clean skincare, hair products, nails and even fragrance-AILLEA’s got you covered.  Plus, they carry all the top brands.  Get 15% off your first order too just by entering your e-mail.  Wondering how to wear certain looks?  Check out their Youtube channel and blog for all the latest.  AILLEA was actually started by a beauty junkie, Kathryn Murray Dickinson who was on the search for cleaner options.  A former New York beauty executive, her mission was to create a place where no one would have to question if the products they were using were clean or not.  But instead they could shop with confidence knowing they were getting the very best.  I love this quote from Kathryn-


"Lets be honest – who wants to rub mud in their hair and smell like vinegar?  I certainly don’t.  I didn’t think I should have to compromise my beauty standards to be healthy!"


I couldn’t have said it better.  Quality, luxe, and clean products that perform.  Vapour Organic Beauty is one such brand that hits every mark.  Keep reading to see how I use these gorgeous products and the looks I created.


Atmosphere Luminous Foundation-

This foundation is so creamy and dewy.  It comes in a stick form and leaves your skin glowing.  It doesn’t look heavy at all but so natural.  I just swipe the foundation stick all over my face and then blend in with my fingers.  It offers light to medium coverage.  I find the more I apply to a certain area the more coverage I get.  It gives an overall pulled together look.  Great for those who want a polished look, but don’t want to look over done or made up too much.  Plus, it’s so easy to apply-virtually impossible to mess it up.  The formula is ideal for those with sensitive, dry and normal skin.  If you’ve been searching for a foundation that applies easy, gives natural coverage and you have skin that’s sensitive, dry or normal then this is your winner!  Pick your foundation stick up here!


Halo Illuminator-

This illuminator is so pretty.  It literally gives you that lit from within glow.  The application process is so easy too since it comes in a stick form.  Just apply it where the light would normally hit your face.  I apply mine on my upper cheek bone, right above my eyebrows in the middle, bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, and middle of chin.  I also like to add some to the inner corner’s of my eyes for a pop.  It looks so natural and dewy-not cakey at all.  If you’re new to highlighting this is the perfect illuminator to start with-so easy to use.  I can see myself using this on my décolletage especially in the summer.  Snag the Halo Highlighter here! 


Solar Translucent Bronzer in Simmer-

This bronzer also comes in a stick form and gives your skin that dewy bronze glow.  I especially love having a creamy formula for a bronzer.  It really helps to give it that sun kissed look.  You can also use it to contour.  I just swipe it on my cheeks with the stick and then blend it with my fingers or beauty blender.  I just love the natural look I get with it.  I have the stick in the color Simmer- a medium bronze that works for all skin tones.  They also have shades for lighter complexions and darker as well.  The perfect dewy bronzer! Follow the photo above to see where I apply my bronzer for a flawless look.  Grab your bronzer here! 


Aura Multi Use Sticks in Crush and Sultry-

These sticks are everything-seriously!  I love a good 2-for-1 product.  They can be worn on the cheeks, lips, and eyes.  I should be calling them a 3-for-1!  They have three different options for these sticks.  You can get them in Classic-gives a more natural, youthful look, Stain-gives a more bold color with a few swipes and Radiant- gives you some shimmer with the color.  I tried the Classic in the color Crush-the perfect sheer to soft pink that gives you just a hint of pink, the quintessential spring time must in my opinion.  It’s so easy to wear with anything.  Great for a minimal makeup look and those days when you want to look put together but not overdone.  I also tried the Stain in the color Sultry- a rosy peach color that makes me think of bright summer colors and watermelon…(anyone else love watermelon)?  This color gives such a nice pop of color and really brings that fresh spring/summer vibe to life.  Both of these colors are standouts and have been on constant rotation.  Not to mention the dewiness they give my skin with the creamy formula.  What’s better is they actually last!  Get one for you and your friend here!


Lux Organic Lip Conditioner-

Before green beauty I used to think lip balms were all about the same.  Quickly I realized how wrong I was.  There’s no such thing as regular old lip balm anymore.  The same rings true for this new fave.  It seriously is the bees knees when it comes to moisture.  My lips don’t get dry throughout the day like they do with other lip balms.  It goes on smooth, smells like fruity goodness and keeps my smackers hydrated-what more could you want?!  Plus, it comes in the cutest chubby container and doesn’t require me to use my finger.  A must have product in every beauty bag!  Grab one for yourself, your mom, and your sister here and thank me later!


Some other Vapour Products I’ve tried:

I’ve also tried Vapour’s Ink Eyeliner, Siren Lipstick, Elixir Lipgloss and Stratus Soft Focus Primer- and guess what?  They’re all winners!  Here’s a snippet of what I thought and links to check out past reviews on them.

Vapour’s Ink Eyeliner– Goes on smooth and smudges easy for a smoky eye look.  It also lasts!  I set mine with some RMS Un tinted setting powder. Check out a pic of me wearing it here!

Siren Lipstick– The colors go on smooth and last!  No bleeding  I love the color Tempt! Check out a pic of me wearing it here!

Elixir Lipgloss– This gloss isn’t goopy at all.  It applies easily and gives your lips the perfect amount of dewiness. I love the color Pout-the perfect nude color! Check out a pic of me wearing it here!

Stratus Soft Focus Primer– This primer is unlike any primer I’ve used.  It gives my skin a smooth canvas to apply my foundation on top, along with a luminescent glow. Check out my full review here!


You could say Vapour Organic Beauty is a serious fave!  Have you tried any Vapour products? What are your faves?