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    7 Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 That Won't Immediately Get Stuffed in a Drawer

    7 secret santa gifts under $30 that won't immediately get stuffed in a drawer. article by the huffington post. featuring honest hazel eye gels and aillea canvas makeup bag

    While I am lucky enough to be done with cubicle life, Secret Santas of years past still haunt me – box of last year’s candy, batteries (seriously!), foul smelling candles, mugs with cats… Shall I go on? Be the star this holiday season and buy your office mate something that won’t end up shoved in a drawer or re-gifted next year.


    1. Honest Hazel Eye Gels

    Your gift recipient will be thanking his or her lucky stars when he or she whips these bad boys out the morning after the Christmas party. With cactus collagen to improve circulation and reduce puffiness, aloe vera, vitamins C and E to sooth and smooth, and arbutin to combat dark circles, these eye gels will make your co-worker look like she got a full night of sleep. $12.


    6. Aillea Canvas Makeup Bag

    You know the co-worker who is always dropping her makeup as she carries it in handfuls to the bathroom to freshen up? Give her this cute yet durable canvas makeup bag so she can literally get her shit together. $25.


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