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    5 Teacher Gifts Guaranteed to Get Your Kid Much-Needed Brownie Points

    5 teacher gifts guaranteed to get your kid much-needed brownie points. article by the huffington post. featuring mullein and sparrow bath salts and organic bath co. body butter

    When it comes to gifting teachers, think twice about giving the dreaded fruity-scented gift baskets full of offensive smelling bath and body products, framed photos of your child (not kidding), crocheted anything, or socks (yes, these are all gifts that teacher friends have revealed to have received). Instead of annoying the person who has to deal with your snarling, sniffling kid every day, give them something that might actually make them look at your kid with delight rather than disappointment and disgust. (Kidding! Kind of.)


    Mullein & Sparrow Petite Himalayan Bath Salts

    If your teacher is teetering towards the hippie side – wears long flowing peasant skirts, spiritual amulets and jingles as she walks — consider these bath salts from Mullein and Sparrow. Scented with notes of vanilla, patchouli, and vetiver to help with relaxation, the salt crystals replenish vital elements and nutrients (that were stripped by dealing with your child and his peers all day), remove toxins (because obviously she needs to drink after her long day), and aid in the relief of muscles, nerves, and joints (because, um, she’s a teacher). $16. Available at


    Organic Bath Co. Stress Less Organic Body Butter

    If there is one thing a teacher needs at the end of a long day is a little relaxation. Help her get her Zen on with this blend of Moroccan Argan, Jojoba and Sunflower Oils to hydrate winter skin and lavender essential oil to make her forget all about it being a school night. $29. Available at


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