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    Just the Basics

    just the basics
    If you are at all like me, my routine at home these days has been pretty much as simple as it gets. Cleanse, moisturize, deodorant (although I am going to go out on a limb and say I think my skin is happier when I wear makeup. I don't know if it's the beneficial oils in the foundations or the extra layer of protection from the environment?  Or maybe my skin is reacting to all of the stress right now?  Either way - enjoy my "staples" xoxo, Kathryn
    toothpaste: david's premium natural toothpaste. "Every one I ever got from the natural grocery stores - I always felt like I had bad breath by noon.  Davids keeps my breath fresh all day. I use the minty one in the morning because its a little stronger and the charcoal one at night to brighten my teeth.  The idea of charcoal scared me some, but don't be - its really mild!"
    shampoo and conditioner: rahua hydration shampoo and conditioner. "The Rahua Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner were a game changer for me. The smell is divine (mango and passion fruit without being overwhelming) and they really hydrate my fine hair without weighing it down."
    hand and shower soap: plant apothecary get happy body wash. "I love bright scents in my soaps and moisturizers. This has a zippy smell that revives me in the morning. It's also great to keep in guest bathrooms And the glue bottle packaging is easy to use and fun and quirky."
    body moisturizer: organic bath co. citrus lemongrass body butter. "This product is perfect in its simplicity.  5 organic ingredients. The secret to the crazy amount of hydration in this product is the pure shea that is sourced directly from the farm (which employs and empowers women) and not processed. I jumped at the chance to create a custom scent for AILLEA and am in LOVE with the bright citrus lemongrass scent. Pro trip - put on while still wet right out of the shower to lock in moisture"
    deodorant: agent nateur holi(stick) no. 3 deodorant. "This is the one I keep coming back to over and over. I never smell (and can even skip a day)"
    hand moisturizer: henné organics citrus hand cream. "there is nothing that Henné founder Laura Xiao does that isn't perfection. So I was soooo excited when she created these hand creams. Light, not greasy, yet really hydrating.  Again I love a good citrus scent (noticing a theme here)"
    sexy time: holi(sex) intimate oil. "There is one other thing that is a staple ;)And I am excited for the silver lining of the quarantine and social distancing which are all the Capricorn and Aquarius babies coming next year. This stuff smells divine and isn't gloppy or gross"
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