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    Kathryn's AM/PM Skincare Routine

    Kathryn's AM/PM skincare routine
    "One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what products I use.  I am constantly testing products for AILLEA, but ultimately I find myself coming back to the same simple routine as its what my skin loves best."
    Morning routine. exfoliate foaming cleanser from suki. "I LOVE this exfoliator. I use 3-4x a week in the shower in the morning. My skin is so smooth afterwards and makeup goes on flawlessly"
    optimist from maya chia. "This essence has the PERFECT mister - no fire hose to the face. And forget how hydrating it is, the smell is so uplifting"
    hydration boost concentrate from josh rosebrook. "True story - I wanted to see if this TRULY worked, so only used it on 1/2 my face for 2 weeks. After that time someone on my team could pick which side by touching my face. She said it felt much more hydrated. I was telling my husband at breakfast that someone had picked which side by touch. He looked at me for a minute and picked which side just by looking at me!"
    squalane oil from indie lee. "Since day 1, this has been one of my favorite products and 5 years later that still holds true. This just makes my skin so so soft"
    5 in 1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen from suntegrity. "I'm bad and I will admit I don't wear sunscreen every day. My skin just doesn't like it. And 90% of the time, hats and sunglasses does the trick. But if I am going to be out for the day hiking or skiing this is a step I don't miss"
    night routine. complete moisture cleanse from josh rosebrook. "This makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. I use one cotton pad to wipe my skin clean and remove any residual makeup/dirt after cleansing." 
    moonlight catalyst from kypris. "I notice a difference if I don't use this product for a night. This natural 'retinol' helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, calms any break outs and improves the texture of my skin."
    beauty sleep elixir from beuti skincare. "This oil is magic. I notice an immediate reduction in any redness in my skin, it smells divine and I wake up with my skin still hydrated and soft. A rarity in arid Colorado."
    line filling eye balm from alpyn beauty. "This petite powerhouse is hydrating, brightening and our top selling eye cream for a reason."
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