June 5th: World Environment Day!

June 5th: World Environment Day!


The beauty industry can be negative to our world, but it doesn’t have to be.

In honor of World Environment Day, we would like to recognize some truly amazing brands that are actively setting the bar high for sustainable business. Use of conscious ingredients, sustainable packaging, and production policies were all evaluated when considering the level of sustainability by brand. 


“World Environment Day offers a global platform for inspiring positive change. It pushes for individuals to think about the way they consume; for businesses to develop greener models; for farmers and manufacturers to produce more sustainably; for governments to invest in repairing the environment; for educators to inspire students to take action; and for youth to build a greener future.”


  • Josh Rosebrook: Skin care, Haircare

Founder, Josh Rosebrook, radiates passion towards doing good where it can be done. He started working in the beauty industry at just ten years old. As he grew, he studied haircare and skin care products, but specifically the ingredients used to create them. College and curiosity led to the creation of his own products and the birth of the Josh Rosebrook company. 

JR is extremely successful in creating the most pure, natural skin and hair care products; using the most sustainable packaging, and shipping methods. The brand has an impressive background of sustainability efforts. It’s really interesting to see the level of sustainability evolve over time. 

Recently, JR announced a partnership with two organizations that are making it possible to take their clean packaging to a new level. 

OWP is an organization that supplies plastic waste that was collected from oceans all over the world, cleaned, and made ready to be turned into a new form. Jose Rosebrook will be swapping the packaging of their Hydrating Accelerator (an AILLEA fave!) for packaging made from 50% Ocean Waste Plastic and 50% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. 

Likewise, a second organization will provide JR with packaging made from sugarcane for their Complete Moisture Cleanse. 

Sugarcane is a bio-resin plastic which is lighter and more sustainably produced than PET plastics. This switch will also eliminate the need for a non-recyclable pump by converting containers to a squeeze tube. 

Some other notable facts about the collection at Josh Rosebrook include:

  • All ingredients in every product are 100% earth-friendly and completely biodegradable
  • All plastic packaging at JR is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (“PET”) , one of the most easily recycled plastics.
  • 100% recycled material packaging and 100% biodegradable packing peanuts are used for shipping items from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse, and then reused to send orders to wholesalers.


• Vapour: Cosmetics

Vapour is a unique cosmetics brand that stands for natural, feel-good individualism. Vapours environmental efforts helped earn the title for “Champion Safety Status” from the Environmental Working Group and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The company is based in Taos, New Mexico, where water is a limited resource. So, Vapour follows a strict water-limiting policy and always considers their impact on habitat, water supplies, and aquatic life. 




All ingredients at Vapour have been organically farmed, derived naturally, and are minimally processed. Vapour products are as waterless as they can be, while still delivering amazing results. 

Vapour also opts to use beeswax instead of petroleum waxes. Beeswax is a better alternative because it is free of chemicals and gives a smoother, more breathable, protective finish to cosmetics. Vapour sources its beeswax from organic farmers across the world based on seasonal availability. “By using organic beeswax in Vapour, we are supporting bee health, habitat and, hopefully, longevity” - Co-founder Krysia Boinis.


  • Rahua: Haircare, Skin Care

Ingredients at Rahua are grown by the founders with the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest. The carefully crafted organic, concentrated formulas require less usage than other brands and don’t taint waterways. Rahua also has refillable bags for its shampoo and conditioners. 1 bottle = 1 acre preserved.


Rahua created the Pink Flamingos Project, a continuous environmental clean-up effort working with locals to clean natural habitat areas of the pink flamingos and other endemic species in the Galapagos Islands.


To top that, Rahua is proudly symbiotic certified and is completely carbon neutral by preserving over 92,664 acres of land in the Amazon RainForest.


“The stringent rules and regulations for Symbiotic® Certification are uniquely aimed to preserve and guarantee the continued existence of healthy forests, healthy ancient cultures, and the World’s first medicinal plants source.”


• Vintner's Daughter: Skin care

Vintner's daughter is all about conservation. Their products are based on the concept of using powerful multi-beneficial, organically farmed resources so that a little goes a long way. They are certified cruelty-free through the internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Program.

Vintner’s daughter packaging is made of 80% post-consumer recycled materials or FSC certified board and printed with eco-friendly ink. Containers are made of recyclable glass bottles in which the brand donates 2% of every bottle sold to charitable organizations and nonprofits. The company's donations to the Sierra Club are helping to cut carbon emissions. Read more about the specific environmental impacts they’ve made here.


How Will You Take Part?

We can all celebrate a better environment by taking some extra time to re-think what habits we can change in our daily lives that will help improve our environment. 

Remember: Every small step towards positive change counts much more than we think. I would love to see how we can all come together to make a positive impact! 

Post a story with your favorite clean/sustainable self-care products, or share how you’re supporting our environment on June 5th and tag @AILLEA to be featured on our story for the day! 



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