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A Guide to Osmia's Facial Soaps

Finding a great cleanser can take years. Options range from creams to gels to lotions, and even from there you can decide if you want to use it solo or pair it with a cleansing sponge.

When we introduce Osmia's amazing facial soaps to clients we are met with a range of responses. Some are doubtful the product will work after using a "traditional" gel cleanser for so many years. Some think the soap will dry out their skin - this is what we get from using conventional soaps in hotel rooms! We're the living proof that they will not and will actually nourish and work to heal your skin. We've summarized Osmia's three facial soaps below so you can find which option fits best for you. 

osmia rose clay facial soap

Rose Clay Facial Soap $24

For all my rosacea and redness prone people out there! I have my mom to testify that this truly is one of the BEST options for sensitive skin. It's formulated with Australian pink clay, white kaolin clay, organic mango butter, and geranium and palmarosa essential oils to soothe and calm stressed out skin. You'll find yourself reaching for that cream blush you love to actually get some color on your cheeks! 

osmia black clay facial soap

Black Clay Facial Soap $24

Peace out breakouts! Neutralize acne and that hormonal pimple with Osmia's simple solution. Her bestselling soap features Black Australia clay, Dead Sea mud, coconut milk, and organic almond, avocado, and castor bean oils to treat a range of issues including acne and perioral dermatitis. 

osmia pumpkin facial soap

Pumpkin Facial Soap $24

 'Tis the season! I like to enjoy pumpkin treats throughout the fall and winter seasons but this one can take your skin places all year long! It's made with organic pumpkin and tomato that gently exfoliate to brighten up your skin while honey and camellia seed oil soothe and soften. You will never shine brighter - in a good way! 

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