when to replace your makeup

When To Replace Your Makeup!

Out with the old, in with the new!

After a lifetime as a beauty junky and 15 years of industry samples, my makeup drawer is overflowing! I am going to take on cleaning out the dreaded drawer (and bags on the shelves) this Christmas break so I can start the year fresh!

It is hard to part with some of the old sentimental products, but with health in all things beauty my goal for 2016, I am going to be disciplined in tossing a LOT so I can start the year fresh and clean!

First to go will be anything not clean and toxin free. While I have only been using clean products for some time now, a combination of procrastination and simply hating wasting something has kept the products of a previous lifetime in my drawers. No more!

Second I will toss anything that has expired.    While I am usually pretty conscientious about this one – I am sure there are some culprits lingering around.

If you need a refresher – here is an easy chart on recommended life span of all of your products!

Good luck and here is to a clean and healthy 2016!

when to replace your makeup. 3 months: mascara, gel/liquid liners. 1 year: cream eye shadow, cream blush, foundation, concealers, lipstick, lipgloss. 2 years: eye pencil, powder shadows, powder blushes

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