winter skin must-have moisturizers

Dealing with Dry Winter Skin

Winter. It means snow, sparkly lights, and the holidays but unfortunately it also means we can look forward to dry, itchy, and fatigued-looking skin. We crave that lotion or oil we can slather on to get back our dewy complexions.  We apply bronzer and blush AND highlighter to give us back our post-summer glow we've been hanging on to for the past few months. Cold weather, wind, and dryness wreak havoc on our skin, and travel and stress associated with the holiday season only add to an already stressed out complexion.  After traveling back home this past weekend for Thanksgiving and receiving the wondrous gift of red itchy skin complete with a stubborn scaly, dry spot and a few very visible pimples, I tried all the oils and moisturizers we carry to fix what was a very frustrating and painful problem.  

winter moisturizer must haves


I've gone ahead and listed the moisturizers below that truly transformed my skin. Five days after landing at DIA, I can finally not wince in pain as I press my hands against my cheeks. Indulge below. 

  1. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator - What a rookie mistake to put that in my checked bag. This hydrating mist was all I needed when I landed Monday morning. It immediately hydrates and infuses life back into skin leaving it feeling soft and comfortable and looking refreshed. 
  2. CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture - Never has a product been so true to its name. This moisturizer saved me. This past week, every morning before putting on makeup I would stare in the mirror and wish I could magically calm my skin before running a brush full of makeup over it. This lotion is thick and feels SO good as you apply it. It dries quickly without leaving a thick layer of shiny moisture, which makes it perfect for a pre-makeup facial lotion.
  3. Roots Rose Radish Carrot Rose Face Cream - A good luck gem in a jar. I actually put this on before a date on Wednesday night. The guy texted me to say he would pick me up from work in 15 minutes and I went into panic mode. I quickly applied this over my facial oil hoping it would calm my redness and the heat I felt on my cheeks and I was not disappointed! I let it sit for about 5 minutes while touching up my eye makeup, applied some Lily Lolo foundation and boom, my face was transformed. The only red left on my cheeks was a result of pure joy and excitement.
  4. Indie Lee Squalane Oil - Slippery little savior. Made from pressed olives, this oil is a lightweight moisturizer with no scent that simply hydrates and helps skin heal. It’s perfect for all skin types but especially stressed, irritated, and dehydrated skin.
  5. Suki Nourishing Day Cream – This is one of our trusty favorites. This moisturizer blends oils and extracts from over 12 seeds, flowers, and roots to create a smooth cocktail to soften, soothe, and even out pesky skin tones. It’s great for those looking to fight signs of premature aging as it helps stimulate collagen production while infusing skin with much-needed moisture for a youthful, glowy complexion.
  6. Pure and True Infuse Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer – A go-to for everyone. We love this moisturizer morning and night for anyone looking to quench dry skin. It contains rosehip seed oil which is great for healing skin that’s been affected by UV rays, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. We would also like to note that is our most popular product in the ENTIRE store. It’s that great.

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