#tipofthedaytuesday de-plane looking ah-mazing

#TipoftheDayTuesday - How to De-Plane Looking Ah-Mazing

I love to travel but I do not like what I look like coming off the airplane. Celebrities manage to get photographed looking flawless and I think I have snagged a few of their in flight beauty secrets to get me looking as close to fabulous as I can possibly get! 

de-plane looking ah-mazing: exfoliate the night before. get rid of the grime. hydrate. finish with some flourish.

1. Exfoliate the night before your trip. Dry airplane air can not only suck moisture of your skin but will leave you looking sallow and your skin tone dull so exfoliating the night before with a great microdermabrasion scrub like this one from Pure & True will help reveal glowing skin to last you throughout your travel day. 

2. Once you're on board, it's the perfect time for a mini facial. Of course not all of us can book the private first class seats so this could get a little awkward but nothing a tiny coach cabin bathroom can't handle! Loosen up grime and shine with some on-the-go makeup remover wipes like these from RMS. They are formulated with coconut oil to wipe away all traces of makeup while leaving your skin comfortably hydrated.

3. Hydration is key people! Guzzle water throughout your trip and spray it directly onto your face with a hydrating mist like this one from Josh Rosebrook.  It smells like marshmallow and can be used under and over makeup to fill in fine lines and ensure that nutrients can be properly delivered. 

4. And lastly, if you're like me and you will NOT get off the airplane wearing not a stitch of makeup, pack the travel friendly essentials! A black mascara (who I am kidding, I would also have the eyelash curler), a lip and cheek product in a neutral blush pink color (nothing says sallow skin like an airplane passenger), a brightening primer to even out pore and make you look a little sun kissed, and a creamy foundation stick that not only won't dry out your skin but can also double as a concealer - fly away now dark circles.

Let me know if you try any of these and send us post-plane selfies with the proof! 

Until next time...

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