triclosan harmful side effects

#WhatIsItWednesday - Triclosan

Its amazing how much habits have changed in the last 30-40 years. 40 years ago, mud pies were a source of childhood entertainment. However, In our germ and cleanliness obsessed society - people and companies are using antibacterial agents more and more. Unless you are rigorous about the ingredients in your products, it is probable that you are using products with triclosan in it (according to Marcola it is in 75% of household products). Given the litany of health issues proven and the even greater amount of problems it is suspected to be connected to - I would rather live with the dirt and build my immunity with the germs!
triclosan: known endocrine disruptor. suspected carcinogen. found in breast milk. contributes to antibiotic resistance. reduced heart muscle function in mice 25%. weakens immune system. linked to allergies, asthma, eczema in kids.

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