#tipofthedaytuesday how to update your look

#TipoftheDayTuesday - How to Update Your Look!

Mornings can be so crazy and hectic that we tend to stick to the same routine to make it out the door faster, and that includes our beauty regimen. How many of you have been wearing the same eyeliner the same way since high school? The same lip color? Getting some new products or new colors can not only make it more fun to get ready in the morning but can make your look new fresher and more modern.


#tipofthedaytuesday how to update your look

1. First tip to get out of your rut is to try a new lip color. A berry can really pop and bring a whole new look to your makeup. Kjaer Weis lip tint in Sensuous Plum is a really pretty light wash of purple that is not too bold but still super pretty. 

2. Thick and full eyebrows are still very much on trend, thank you Cara Delevingne. Try this cream/wax hybrid from EcoBrow to create beautiful filled in brows to frame and define your face. 

3. Step three, change up your hairstyle! Boring and straight it out, tousled and messy is in.  Take a bit of Rahua's Cream Wax and work throughout wet or dry hair to create texture. Twist random bits of hair and bunch up your roots with your fingers for volume and curl. This wax blends amazingly into hair for a soft touch finish.  

4. Finally, warm up your skin with some bronzer. Skip the heavy contouring and instead take a powder bronzer like Waikiki from Lily Lolo and brush down the sides of your forehead, up your cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose. Or take a cream bronzer like this gorgeous one from RMS and dab it on your cheeks, above your eyebrows, and down your nose.  

Let us know which of these you try and have fun updating your look! 

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