holiday gift guide: momma to be. article by spiffykerms

Holiday Gift Guide: Momma-To-Be

holiday gift guide: momma to be. featuring ilia mascara and kjaer weis blush. article by spiffykerms

For those of you who haven’t finished their Christmas shopping, raise your hand!


I’ve always been a pretty eager one come time for buying gifts for my family, so don’t hate me when I tell you I’m actually finished my shopping. I’m the complete opposite of my husband. Haha!


Since this year will be completely different – we’re spending Christmas here in the USA as I’m pregnant and don’t think it’s the best idea to travel completely across North America right now, and secondly, Alfie is ill so we don’t want to stress him out at all with the long haul flights. I thought it’d be a nice idea to round up a Holiday Gift Guide for any Momma-To-Be’s out there who are expecting like me. I’m actually going to be doing two of these since I want to do one for Mom’s alone, and then a second one for the babies. Enough babblin’ on, let’s get to it!



Kjaer Weis Cream Blush + Ilia Mascara - Mama needs to feel pampered too! Perhaps I won’t be wearing much makeup when the little guy arrives, but it doesn’t hurt to gift this to any new Momma. I love getting new makeup, honestly. Plus, these are so simple and easy to use products that are cruelty free. Don’t have much time? Dab on a bit of cream blush to the cheeks for a bit of colour, and apply a quick coat of mascara and you’re fresh faced and fancy free for the day.