clean beauty gift guide featuring products sold at aillea

Clean Beauty Gift Guide

clean beauty gift guide featuring products sold at aillea

Maybe you need to snag some good-for-you beauty products for her, or maybe you need a gift for the clean-beauty guru on your list. 


Either way, I've got you covered in this clean beauty gift guide. Green beauty often gets a bad rep for not being as "effective" as mainstream beauty products. While that probably used to be the case, green beauty has come a long way. This gift guide includes some of my favorite items that are in my own makeup bag and next to my sink, not just because they're good for me but because they're amazingly effective and I legitimately love them.


Take a scroll to see if any of these picks are the perfect gift for someone on your list....or you know, if they are a great gift for yourself.



2. Beauty Luminizer Quad - RMS

So I'm in love with just about everything RMS makes (as you'll be able to tell from this gift guide), starting with the luminizer quad. This one quad is all you need for a dewy or glowing look. The range of colors works for just about every skin tone and can be used for an organic contour look. I love using this quad to highlight and add dimension to my look, and the champagne rose tone also works great as an eyeshadow base. 

These blend super well and feel very moisturizing without feeling heavy or thick. I love using them with the Un-cover and setting them with the Un-Powder, but more on this later.

If you're in Denver, I definitely recommend stopping by AILLEA, which is my go-to spot for natural beauty. You can snag this luminizer...and try it before you do, plus check out some of their other amazing beauty items, a few of which are also in this gift guide.



3. Lip Velet in "Napa" - Clove + Hollow

My absolute favorite liquid lipstick right now is this Lip Velvet from Clove + Hollow. It's creamy and infused with coconut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E for a comfortably smudgeproof matte finish. I have the "Napa" shade and it's a perfect deep plum color that is great for daily wear or a great pick for your holiday party look. There are also 6 other shades from subtle to bold.

It's also available at AILLEA.



4. Bath Salts - OY-L

The gift of relaxation is a hard one to beat, and these bath salts are a solid choice. They are a rich source of 84 trace minerals, have ingredients to promote skin health, and they smell amazing. My favorite is the fresh citrus scent of pink grapefruit which was actually gifted to me by AILLEA, but you can also try Litsea Basil,  Tiare Lime,  and Lavender.



5. Milky Soap, Rose - Osmia

I'm usually selective about bar soaps since most of them leave my skin on the dry side, but this bar is amazingly moisturizing. It's rich, gets it's creamy texture from buttermilk powder and is infused with bitter orange and palmarosa essential oils. It looks as beautiful as it smells - topped with gorgeous rose petals. It's a perfect pair with the bath salts for a gift bag under $40



6. Un Makeup Powder - RMS Beauty

It's a good-for-you setting powder that doesn't leave any toxic residues behind, but more than that, it gives your skin a soft, velvety feel. I had been using the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder until this one was gifted to me from AILLEA. I wasn't sure how this RMS version would measure up, since I'd been so hooked on the other one for so long but let me tell you, it doesn't's so much better. 

It is much more fine than my previous powder, and is virtually invisible. I can set my makeup and you'd barely know I was wearing any. It doesn't leave a white residue and it blends into any skintone.

I definitely recommend that you use it with the un-cover up below since they work together perfectly to give your skin a flawless look.



7. Un-Cover up - RMS Beauty

I've been hooked on this since last spring, when I was getting my makeup done and my makeup artist used it instead of foundation. She applied it with her fingers, and I had flawless coverage in seconds. Its coconut-oil-based, which means it melts seamlessly into your skin and feels lightweight and hydrating. It feels more like a moisturizer or a serum than it does foundation.



Move over mascara. If I had to have only one item in my makeup bag, this would be it.


If I'm opting for a dewy look, I apply this all over then add a little highlight and subtle contour with the luminizer quad. If I want a more defined look, I use a couple different shades to hightlight and contour with the un-cover itself, then set it using the un-powder before adding some extra glow with the quad.