You NEED to Know...the founder of Vintner's Daughter!

You NEED to Know...the founder of Vintner's Daughter!

you need to know april garguilo
april gargiulo


Can you please share with the AILLEA audience a little background about yourself, both personally and professionally

It may come as a surprise, but I don’t come from the world of beauty; I come from the world of fine winemaking in Napa Valley. My family still makes wine there today.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have spent so much time in a community that places such a high value on craftsmanship and quality.  

I joyfully juggle my roles as CEO, Founder, mother, wife and daughter. I am an investor in several amazing woman-led brands which I love, and I am fanatical about tea, gin, gardens, chocolate and just about anything to do with the world of design.. 


What was your inspiration when initially launching the Vintner’s Daughter brand? 

What you may not have guessed is that I struggled with my skin my entire life. I was someone who like many was dealing with cystic acne, pigmentation and all the fun things that come along with getting older. I was using what I thought were the very best “luxury” products. One day I started looking at the ingredients. I was shocked to realize that they were .01% active ingredients, the rest was low quality filler that was also in many cases toxic. Coming from where I was coming from, none of that sat right with me. I come from Napa Valley, a community dedicated to making the finest wines in the world through meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Short cuts are not allowed and practically every grain of dirt is considered for its quality. That to me is the true definition of luxury; beginning with the finest raw materials and honoring them through thoughtful and meticulous formulation practices to achieve something even greater than the extraordinary parts. The so-called luxury products I had been using were anything but. 

This was the genesis of Vintner’s Daughter. I wanted to build a true luxury skincare company that made products from the finest ingredients in the world, using time-honored techniques in order to bring about profound and lasting balance and health in the skin. It sounds lofty, but I wanted to build a skincare company on the same philosophical foundations as the winemaking world I had come from. I am grateful to have achieved that and more. Not only are we making a positive impact on the health and balance of our customers’ skin, but we are helping to build confidence and joy by improving their relationship to their skin. That is everything to us.


How did your background in the world of fine winemaking impact the development of Vintner’s Daughter?

The biggest influence that coming from a winemaking background has provided to my business is the steadfastness it has given me around staying true to our mission to create the highest quality, performance-driven and safe skincare. We want to create products that bring about profound health, balance and confidence to the skin. Like winemaking, we rely on both age-old and new technologies to accomplish our singular level of connection with the skin. Also, like winemaking we are patient in our approach and understand that in order to make the very best, you must start with the very best raw materials and honor them through meticulous formulation processes. In a skincare world where fast and cheap alternatives are abundant, this foundation in quality and old-world process has allowed Vintner’s Daughter to service the skin in such a transformational way.


Why was creating a clean / conscious beauty line important to you?

I talk about our fewer, but better philosophy a lot. Our two multi-beneficial products that are truly worth every cent because of the results they deliver and the quality they adhere to. The example I like to use is the difference between a meal replacement bar made in a lab from synthetic ingredients and a beautifully prepared meal made from the freshest, local and organic ingredients. We know which choice is better for our bodies, our environment and our communities. I believe that to make the finest of anything whether that be a meal or skincare, you must begin with the highest quality raw materials.The same can be said for Vintner’s Daughter skincare made from the highest quality natural ingredients versus extracts and synthetics. Our products deliver everything your skin needs to look and feel its very best. 


What are some of the hero ingredients featured in both the Active Botanical Serum and the Active Treatment Essence?

It is hard to pick a “hero” ingredient because each of our ingredients is a superstar, chosen for its multi-beneficial effects on the skin. What I would point to as our hero though is the way in which we assemble each of these extraordinary ingredients into our proprietary Phyto Radiance Infusion. If there was a secret sauce, this would be it. It is at the heart of every product we make. Over the course of three temperature-controlled weeks, we gently extract the full spectrum of nutrition from the world’s most nutrient-dense whole botanicals so that with every drop, our formulas deliver optimal skin-healing nutrition. There is nothing else quite like it because it creates a level of communication and intimacy with the skin that allows the skin to become its absolute best. 


Can you share any pro tips for how to use the Vintner’s Daughter products? 

After cleansing, dispense one-third of a dropper of our brightening, firming hydrator Active Treatment Essence into the palm of your hand and apply using our Pat/Press application method. While the skin is still damp, follow with 5-6 drops of Active Botanical Serum for nourishing, plumping moisture using our Push/Press Method to help increase absorption and efficacy. I use them both under my eyes, on my neck and my chest as well. I apply very liberally and end with a lifting facial massage.


Are there any new products that you will be launching soon? Can you share any details? 

For a product to wear a Vintner’s Daughter label, it must be game-changing, category-defining and deliver transformational multi-beneficial results. These are very high standards that take years to achieve. Of course creating product after product increases your sales, but we are not driven by revenue. We are driven by integrity and skin health. With that said, we have a few collaborations coming soon that we cannot wait to announce. 


What are your favorite non-Vintner’s Daughter products or brands at AILLEA?

    • The Kosas mascara is great for big 90s lashes. 
    • I cleanse with something generally creamy and gentle. I am currently using and really liking the OSEA cleanser. 


april's five founder favorites Food: Mushrooms  Adult Beverage:  Gargiulo Vineyards G Major 7 Cabernet Sauvignon   Plant/Flower: Queen Anne's Lace  Form of Self Care: Meditation  Coffee or tea drink: Lightly roasted Oolong tea


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