You NEED to Know...the Founder of KYPRIS Beauty

You NEED to Know...the Founder of KYPRIS Beauty

You NEED to know chase polan, founder of kypris beauty



Can you please share with the AILLEA audience a little background about yourself, both personally and professionally?

I am an entrepreneur, a mentor, and a feminist. Prior to launching KYPRIS, I created Beautiful Minds in 2004, providing education services to a variety of clients ranging from homeless young adults to elite high school students helping them to achieve their very best selves. While this venture fed my passion for mentoring, KYPRIS provides a platform to combine my love of advocating for women, wellness, and the environment.


What was your inspiration when initially launching the KYPRIS Beauty brand? Why was creating a clean / conscious beauty line important to you?

Many things inspired the creation of KYPRIS. Ten years ago, I saw a unique opportunity within the beauty and personal care industry. It was a time when science-backed skin care lines were full of questionable ingredients and while natural skin care was very “craft”. I wanted to create and share a better experience of Beauty, one that combined the efficacy and elegance of a science-driven approach, the gorgeous ingredients from Nature’s inimitable design, and the wisdom and respect of the Divine Feminine. As a brand, KYPRIS is here to help people care for and pleasure in the Beauty of their skin and to enhance their sense of wellbeing and luminous Beauty. KYPRIS is Beauty for ecstatic embodiment.


What is your personal favorite KYPRIS Beauty product?

This is a tough question to answer because each piece offers its own unique gifts and benefits! Choosing one, I’d offer the Beauty Elixir I: 1000 Roses as it was one of the very first formulas we created and within it carries the seed of the philosophy and practices that have been created at KYPRIS today.


What are some of the hero ingredients featured in the KYPRIS Beauty collection?

We believe skincare is science and ingredients matter. That’s why we don’t limit our products to a couple all-star ingredients - we go beyond what’s trending and meticulously curate each and every ingredient that goes into our formulas to maximize results and deliver an ecstatic experience of your Beauty and Being. 

Each piece within our line contains a plethora of ingredients with unique gifts and benefits, so our “hero ingredients” list could go on and on! Our most recent launch, the Illuminating Eye Serum & Primer, for example, contains amazing actives, including three gorgeous lab-created peptides. From a precious platinum peptide, to an extract from an organically farmed Australian wildflower, Kangaroo Paw, to two ingredients from UN Global Compact Projects (one that focuses on supporting women shea farmers and another creating  a socially sustainable mica supply chain). We’re meticulously thoughtful about every little detail that goes into our products. When you purchase KYPRIS, you can trust you’re buying the best of green biotechnology for gorgeous skin, because we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Can you tell us where the name ‘KYPRIS Beauty’ came from?

The brand is named after the Greek Goddess KYPRIS. According to legend, a goddess arose from the foaming and frothy waters off the coast of Cyprus. The Cypriots so enamored with the goddess gave her a name in honor of their shared home, Kypris. The goddess exudes sensuality voluptuous with Love and wisdom, a bastion of sisterhood and family. A healing and inclusive energy. She derives her Beauty from communion with Nature, both within and of the Earth, one and the same.


What are your favorite non-KYPRIS Beauty products or brands at AILLEA?

I think INNERSENSE has a really lovely line of hair care products - their Hydrating Hair Mask makes my long hair so happy! 

Also, nothing complements a nightly selfcare ritual like the flicker of a candle - Pure Light is a great option.


Chases 5 favorites: Flower: Gardenia  Form of Self-Care: My nervous system can tend to run 'hot' so to speak, so unwinding is something I actually try to do to take care of myself 3 times per day: morning, noon, and night. I find that a regular hatha yoga practice, walking, sunshine, eating a balanced diet, and short, regular meditation sessions throughout the day help me return to my baseline as needed.   Animal: My pupper Fig  Season: Fall in NYC, or Spring at the beach.  Day of the Week: Friday





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