Why Natural Candles?

Why Natural Candles?

Pure Light Candles

Candles are the perfect touch to setting the vibes in a space.

The impacts of a candle go much deeper than delivering just a pleasant scent. Similar to the way songs can be attached to memories, candles can take us back to some of our favorite moments. They also provide aromatherapy and mood-boosting effects.

However, some candles have the potential to leave harmful, lasting impacts. Cozy, energized, floral, tropical, relaxed, sensual...whatever your go-to scent may be, we want you to feel good about what you burn. If you haven't made the switch to burning natural candles already, you may be exposing yourself and loved ones to toxic chemicals.


When considering candle quality, we should question every aspect and source:

The Container: 
Is it recyclable or reusable? Does the material contain non-recyclable dyes?

The Wax: 

Standard Candle Ingredients:

Paraffin wax- One of the most common standard candle ingredients is paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is created from petroleum oil. When paraffin wax is burned, carcinogens, toxins, and other harmful pollutants fill the air (Willow and Sage).


Common Natural Candle Ingredients:

Soy, Coconut oil, and Beeswax- Even though some candle makers claim the ingredients to be natural, this is not always true. Some 'natural' candles are made from a blend of natural + less natural waxes combined with toxic fragrances (Nella Naturals).

Did you know? 'Natural' Soy wax is actually one of the top GMO crops. 


The Wick:

In the past, wicks were made with a lead-core that was releasing small amounts of lead into the air when burned. Now, wicks are typically made from cotton, wood, or fabric fibers primed in paraffin wax.

Similar to the candles wax, the source of the wicks materials may claim to be more natural than it seems. Sources could be unethical in the sense that crops are using toxic GMO's and livestock is being mistreated. 


The Fragrance:

Unfortunately, by law, companies are not required to disclose what makes up its' fragrances. In fact, listing 'fragrance' as an ingredient could be referring to over 3,000 different substances, so it is very hard to know how safe a fragrance actually is.
Side effects from burning toxic candles can include headaches and dizziness.  Those with asthma and allergies report a stronger feeling of these effects. Long term exposure to standard candles and their pollutants present potential long-term threats like lung/throat/heart problems, and cancer. 


Why Pure Light Natural Candles are the BEST!

pure light candle embrace

They don't contain harmful chemicals

A message from Pure Light:

"Since the beginning, we have strived to produce the most perfect candle on the planet, by searching the world over to find the finest natural and renewable resources available. Then, each product gets special attention, as it is blended perfectly, and hand-poured in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible.  Pure Light candles are made with our exclusive all-natural organic coconut wax blend and 100% pure essential oils and/or natural plant-based aromas." Plus- "We use the best textile-grade, natural cotton wicks. Which are 100% lead-free, of course" (Pure Light).

They burn longer

Pure Light Candles have an average burn time of 50-60 hours. 

and more evenly- no wax candle sides, and soy/natural candles have a lower burning point, so the wax doesn't evaporate as quickly and a pool of wax will remain for longer,

They are 'less mess'

Natural candles are easier to clean incase of a mess- like when kids get the idea to make finger molds out of candle wax. This natural wax will come out with soap and water. 

Each candle comes with a quote!

Every Pure Light candle comes with a motivational, inspirational quote to set purely good vibes for the rest of your day. 


Gets yours today! Click HERE to start shopping the candle collection.



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Pure Light

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