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    The World of May Lindstrom Skin

    We are so excited to be expanding our May Lindstrom collection! Her popular decadent self-care treats are filled with pure, potent ingredients to feed your skin and soul. Discover them below! 

    The Blue Cocoon 

    the blue cocoon beauty balm concentrate


    A balmy dream. We love the Blue Cocoon at night to heal, soothe, and hydrate irritated and inflamed skin. 

    The Honey Mud

    the honey mud gentle enzyme cleanse and masque

    Wrap your skin with this raw honey and clay mixture to gentle exfoliate and soften skin. We love it for all skin types but especially those who tend to be a little more sensitive. 

    The Problem Solver

    the problem solver warming correcting masque

    Packed with antioxidant-rich cacao, bamboo charcoal, salts, and exotic warming spices this masque bubbles up to fight blemishes and inflammation while tightening, detoxifying, purifying pores. Use it with her Facial Treatment Brush for a true spa experience! 

    The Pendulum Potion 


    the pendulum potion complete cleansing oil

    A beautiful cleansing oil to melt away makeup and clear environmental toxins while feeding your skin with hydrating and nourishing botanical oils. 

    The Jasmine Garden 

    the jasmine garden botanical facial mist

    Mist away your troubles with her beautiful facial toner. It delivers nutrients straight to your skin and prepares it for your serum while providing antioxidant protection. 

    The Youth Dew

    the youth dew balancing facial serum


    Balance and plump your skin with this vitamin-rich cocktail packed with 20 regenerating and indulgent plant and botanical oils.  

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