cv skin labs rescue and relief spray: the do it all wonder spray of summer

The DO EVERYTHING spray of summer!

cv skinlabs rescue and relief spray. the do it all wonder spray of summer
the spray helps with minor burns, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and rashes
5 star rating. "Omg life saver! This is phenomenal! I got a second degree burn on my wrist from curling my hair. I sprayed this on the burn right away and the sting of the burn was hone within the hour! It also helped speed up recovery time. It helped prevent itching during the healing process!" "Instant relief! I got this in preparation for chemo skin and radiation. I already had to use it for a scratch I got on my arm and for sun irritation. My scratch healed quickly and when my skin is irritated from the sun/heat it offers instant relief. It goes on tight and not sticky. "It does it ALL. I keep this in my fridge. If I ever catch my arm on the stove I spray it on immediately. It provides instant relief and keeps it from swelling and scarring."

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