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    Staff Picks: MEET BECCA, Aillea Atlanta Store Manager

    staff picks: meet Becca, Aillea Atlanta store manager

    aillea beauty staff picks. meet Becca Bussert: Aillea Atlanta store manager and commercial makeup artist. @makeupbybecca.bussert "in my free time I love to curl up with a book on a porch swing."  

    Becca's favorite skincare product: may lindstrom youth dew, $140

    Becca's hidden talent is doing maintenance and repairs on cars ilia limitless lash mascara, $28: you can always find in Becca's purse oh, and this: olio e osso #10 balm, $28and also, these. kjaer weis black and brown eyeliners, $26.Becca's one last favorite: clove and hallow concealer, $20

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