renew and refresh

Spring Forward and Refresh + Renew

spring forward renew and refresh

mullein and sparrow detoxifying bath salts: nothing says de-stress like epsom salts. infused with organic essential oils of mint, lemongrass and tea tree, these will help relieve pain and inflammation, and help you recharge for the week ahead.

Mun ayour body toning serum: tone and tighten with this fast absorbing formula. moroccan olive oil paired with lavender, marjoram, frankincense, and neroli oils create a perfect blend to uplift your mood and spirit.

osmia himalayan body buff: promote circulation and scrub away dead, dulling skin with this himalayan salt scrub. this invigorating scent of canadian fir instantly energizes and awakens to help you get going with your day.

moon juice power dust: yawning already? add a teaspoon of this adaptogenic blend of herbs and mushrooms specially formulated to restore energy levels and reduce fatigue to your morning coffee and power through.

mig sleep balm: after losing an hour we could all benefit from more peaceful sleep. apply this soothing balm infused with chamomile and lavender essential oils under nose and on pulse points to use as a natural sleep aid.



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