on the move picnic edition

On-the-Move: Picnic Essentials

on-the-move picnic edition
Prior to packing your picnic, start with these clean-beauty
essentials to get you through all-day park play.
moisture and coverage: ilia tinted moisturizer. aloe vera aids in long lasting hydration with white tea and rosemary extract to combat free radicals.
This sheer moisturizing tint is easily buildable for more coverage
without wearing a heavy foundation.
radiate all day: ilia waikiki run. ilia's radiant translucent powder adds natural spf 20 protection with a hint of luminosity.
A light dusting of this powder is all you need to finish your look.
clean protection: ursa major hoppin' fresh deodorant. offers long-lasting, unscented protection. eliminates odor-causing bacteria
A deodorant that's safe and strong enough for everyone in your growing family.

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