woman wearing an evening makeup look

New Year's Eve - Get the Look

repost of September post:
woman wearing an evening makeup look
The stunning and super fun Lace from Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise shows in 2 different looks that natural beauty products have all of the style and glamour as any of the dirty brands. Thanks to the Makeup Aritst Liz Wegrzyn, Photographer Paul Miller and Stylist Georgia Benjou! Get Lace's look below. Enjoy!
skin prep - MUN No. 1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum 
Foundation: Kjaer Weis - Paper Thin
Blush: RMS Lip2Cheek Beloved
Eyeliner: Vapour Mesmerize Eyeliner Ink (606)
Shadow #1: NU Evolution Chic 
Shadow #2: NU Evolution Onyx
Shadow #3: Nu Evolution Chocolate Mousse
Mascara : Lily Lolo Mascara
Lipstick : NU Evolution Sultry
Lipgloss : Vapour Elixir Bitten

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