kosas lipsticks

NEW Kosas Lipsticks!

We are SO beyond excited for these babies! Kosas Weightless Lip Colors are effortlessly chic and come in eight hydrating semi-matte shades. They've been featured in Goop, the New York Times, Byrdie, Allure, and Chalkboard Magazine, and are quickly becoming a customer favorite and an Aillea beauty bag staple! 

Explore the Shades:

darkroom lipstick

Darkroom - A romantic, powerful plum. Low-shine. Apply as a stain for daytime strength, or solid for maximum mood.

electra lipstick

Electra - A luscious raspberry red. Passion with cool neutral undertones. Full-coverage color. Semi-matte finish.

fringe lipstick

Fringe - An unfussy red with a rebel yell. Earthy undertones keep it casual. Semi-matte, no sparkle, full-coverage color, lived-in finish.

rosewater lipstick

Rosewater - A blushing rose. The perfect hue our lips long to be. Transparent with a hydrated finish.

royal lipstick

Royal - A warm, modern purple. Ripe like a berry and quite feminine. Full-coverage color. Semi-matte finish.

stardust lipstick

Stardust - A sheer neutral nude with pink and brown undertones. Like a summer tan. Hydrated finish. 

thrillest lipstick

Thrillest - A playful poppy red with an bright orange lean. Vibrant and fun. Full-coverage color. Semi-matte finish. 

undone lipstick

Undone - A strong nude blend of pinks and browns for ultra human warmth. Long-wearing, semi-matte, full-coverage color. 



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