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    Leona Mae's Ham and Bean Soup

    Kathryn and Mom

    (Mom and I taking a zoom cooking class at Christmas with the amazing Charlie Palmer)

    I got my love for cooking from my mom and dad.  They are both  phenomenal cooks. They love cooking and appreciate great restaurants.  While they are able to cook anything, I learned from them that nothing beats amazing ingredients, prepared simply. 

    My mom once told me - it’s really hard to mess up brie, but there is nothing you can do to velveeta to make it taste good.

    (sorry if you love velveeta). 

    I have been gluten and dairy free for 15+ years (a necessity not a choice). So, when following someone else’s recipe, I often find myself having to modify the ingredients to be gluten and dairy free. I am going to start sharing some of my favorite recipes with you.  

    This recipe is from my Aunt’s mother - Leona Mae, who always made the best soups!


    Lima Bean Soup Original Recipe


    This soup is sooo easy, and a dump soup - where you just throw in the ingredients and voila! 


    • 1/2 bag of mixed beans (Bob's Red Mill bean mix adds a tasty variety!) 
    • 1 can whole tomatoes 
    • 1 onion (I usually use white but had a red onion in my fridge so I used that)
    • 3-5 bay leaves
    • 2 sprigs of thyme
    • 1 chicken bullion cube
    • 1 ham hock (skin cut away if yours has the skin on)
    • 1 tsp good salt (I always go with the Redmond brand)


    Lima Bean Soup Ingredients



    1. Start by adding all the ingredients into the instant pot. When adding the tomatoes, take a minute to break them up with your hands to capture the full flavor. 
    2. Use the can that had the tomatoes and add 1 1/2  - 2 cans of water (make sure beans are well covered)
    3. Set the pressure timer to 45 min, with vent sealed  (If you don't have an instant pot you can easily make this on the stove top and simmer for a few hours until the beans are tender)
    4. When the timer goes off - quick release
    5. Take the ham hock out and shred the ham off the bone and add back to the soup, discarding anything too fatty)
    6. Stir and remove the bay leaves and the stems of the thyme
    7. Salt and Pepper additionally to taste



    And that's it! No laboring over the stove required and all tummies more than satisfied.

    Also - I didn’t know for YEARS that my instant pot handle on the side acts as a lid anyone else with me!?


    Crockpot with Handle
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