lazy weekend makeup must-haves

Lazy Weekend Makeup Must-Haves

lazy weekend makeup must-haves

suntegrity 5-in-1 natural moisturizing sunscreen: tinted moisturizer and sun protection in 1. suntegrity has spf 30 and just the right amount of tint to smooth and even skin tone.

RMS Lip2Cheek: add a little pop of color on your cheeks or lips with a lip2cheek from rms. we chose paradise for a perfectly coral tint that instantly brightens up any complexion.

Kjaer Weis mascara: maybe you've had rough week at work and you can see it in your eyes. the smudge proof jet back formula lifts and lengthens lashes to instantly open and awaken tired eyes.

olio e osso no. 6 balm: glow up subtlety with this must have for goop editors. apply some to your cheekbones and eyelids to add a hint of bronzy glow to any look.

ilia silken shadow stick: these creamy formulas make it easy to add a hint of color to your lids with a swipe of a finger. going out? smudge some along your lash line and blend upwards for a super simple smokey eye.

oy-l manuka latte lip balm: latte with honey isn't just for sunday brunch! this multi use product can be used on cuticles. under the eyes, nails or elbows. mix it up a bit and dab a bit over a lip color to add dimension or on eyebrows to smooth any rogue hairs.

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