Kathryn's holi (mane) Refresher!

Kathryn's holi (mane) Refresher!

This is one of Kathryn's favorite ways to enjoy her Agent Nateur holi (mane) supplement... We call this smoothie the Kathryn holi (mane) Refresher - it is blended with fresh fruits, ice and Agent Nateur's holi (mane). holi (mane) does wonders for your hair, skin and nails - plus, it’s odorless and tasteless, making it easy to add to any of your favorite everyday beverages or snacks! 

Smoothie Recipe 

Add to blender:

1/2 cup ice 

4-5 strawberries, stems removed 

1/2 cup cubed seedless watermelon

1/4 cucumber, sliced 

Fresh mint leaves 

Half of a lime, squeezed

1 scoop of Agent Nateur holi (mane) 


Blend until smoothie-like consistency. Serve and enjoy! 






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