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    Kathryn's holi (mane) Refresher!

    This is one of Kathryn's favorite ways to enjoy her Agent Nateur holi (mane) supplement... We call this smoothie the Kathryn holi (mane) Refresher - it is blended with fresh fruits, ice and Agent Nateur's holi (mane). holi (mane) does wonders for your hair, skin and nails - plus, it’s odorless and tasteless, making it easy to add to any of your favorite everyday beverages or snacks! 

    Smoothie Recipe 

    Add to blender:

    1/2 cup ice 

    4-5 strawberries, stems removed 

    1/2 cup cubed seedless watermelon

    1/4 cucumber, sliced 

    Fresh mint leaves 

    Half of a lime, squeezed

    1 scoop of Agent Nateur holi (mane) 


    Blend until smoothie-like consistency. Serve and enjoy! 






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