how to layer your skincare

How To: Layer Your Skincare

how to layer your skincare

step 1: cleanser. clear pores and refresh skin with a cleanser for your skin type. pictured: cleanser concentrate from kypris

step 2: toner. don't skip this step. toners help balance pH, rehydrate, soothe, and remove residue makeup. pictured: anarose hydrating rose toner from MUN

step 3: serum. think of serums like food for your skin. high in nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins, layer it over freshly toned skin. pictured: vitamin c serum from one love organics

step 4: moisturizer. choose a cream, lotion, or oil to rehydrate skin to help brighten and plump. pictured: squalane facial cream from indie lee

step 5: eye treatment. dark circles be gone! layer a bit morning and night to treat the delicate eye area. pictured: eye achiever from maya chia

step 6: sun protection. a necessity all year round! keep your skin out of harm's way with zinc-based uv protection. pictured: nutrient day cream spf 30 from josh rosebrook

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