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    Exfoliation 101

    exfoliation 101

    one of the biggest keys to glowing, healthy, radiant skin is exfoliating. it removes dead cells which stimulates new cell growth and exposing a fresh layer of living cells. these are our BEST selling exfoliators!

    physical exfoliants: these scrubs remove dead cells through friction from ingredients such as sugar or salt. chemical exfoliants: uses acids and enzymes to remove dead skin cells by dissolving the dead cells.

    1. suki: exfoliate foaming cleanser. physical exfoliant

    2. regenerating cleanser. physical exfoliant

    3. maya chia the refresh mint mask. chemical exfoliant

    4. josh rosebrook active enzyme exfoliator. chemical and physical exfoliant.

    5. may lindstrom skin clean dirt. chemical and physical exfoliant

    6. resurfacing mask. chemical and physical exfoliant.

    7. kypris glow philtre. chemical exfoliant


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